I am Danny Solivan. I am a wannabe novel/short story writer, self-published poet, and a web developer. By education, I am an electrical engineer with a soon-to-be masters in business administration.

I started blogging back in the early days of Xanga as a teenager, moved over to WordPress for a bit, took a 10 year break, tested Ghost as a 30-something adult, and am now on my self-made* platform. I re-started blogging as a means to practice and improve my writing. Despite it being required and sometimes the topics being dry (labor mobiilty anyone?), I still enjoyed it. I also have always had this dream of being a writer when I retire only to realize that I am going to be a crappy writer if I don’t start sooner. This blog is part of that effort to not be a crappy retired writer.

I will cover a wide variety of topics which include: politics, video games, writing, economics, technology, food, Stoicism, and non-fiction books.

I can’t say that everything I write about will be interesting to you, but you hopefully will not find any of the topics too repetitive and maybe even learn something new.