I have a few different goals with this blog.

1. Improve my writing skills. (Realistic)

This is the number one goal. How am I doing this? By writing a lot. This post will come up just one day after my intro post. I don’t have plans to necessarily write everyday, but I will ride whatever wave comes my way. For now, I think every day is sustainable as I am currently on winter break from my MBA classes at West Texas A&M University.

2. Become good enough to write opinion for some major publication like NYT. (Moonshot)

Maybe one day someone at the New York Times will have noticed how many times I have linked them and peruse around my blog. They will realize that I am the chosen small/tiny/micro blogger that will grace the opinion column. They will ask me to expand upon whatever niche topic I happen to be talking about that week. I will get paid. Do you get paid for an opinion column? I have no idea. Exposure by the NYT might actually be enough to put a roof over my head.

3. Spark thought in others. (Realistic)

I set the bar low intentionally here so I am not disappointed. I only say “spark thought.” Those thoughts don’t have to be good ones. “Danny’s rambling makes me want a donut.” I just want them to happen. However, if my ramblings do cause a life-changing epiphany, please let me know.

4. Make some money. (Moonshot)

Money itself or a specific amount is not the actual goal. Being good enough for someone to actually want to pay, donate, or subscribe to me would be some level of validation that my Dad never gave me. He’s supposed to give me money after all.

How will I make money? Somehow through a newsletter subscription which has caught on thanks to platforms like Substack. One with premium content. Whatever that really is. I am probably just as curious as you are as to what I would talk about in this newsletter. How much would I write in each newsletter? How much time will that take? Doesn’t matter right now. Baby steps. If you want me to get to even writing a free newsletter, smash that subscribe as the YouTubers say. If not, well no offense taken. I don’t really care if I make $0 throughout the life of this blog.

5. Stay true to myself. (Realistic)

I think change is inevitable with a project like this. I will learn more as I research various topics. Obviously, I’ll learn more about writing. Perhaps I’ll even review some grammar. What will not change is my authenticity. In the event that I suddenly become rich and famous because of this blog (or maybe writing the next Harry Potter), I do not want the power to get to my head. “Don’t be evil” as Google used to say.

I also do not want to become too guarded of my words. I want to say what is on my mind without too much filter. Yes, this is the internet and things do live forever via the Internet Archive. However, I am lucky I am in a place publicly where I am low on the radar. No pitchforks are coming for me (yet? Please never though?). People should be allowed to make mistakes. That is how we learn. Just don’t hurt anyone doing it. Oh, and don’t be evil.