I am going to start a collection of what would be Tweets or Twitlongers. All of these will be thoughts too poorly thought out to be it’s own post, but too long to be a tweet. Every numbered section would have been a its own Tweet or Twitlonger

#1: I think I have something against Twitter. I use it to semi-promote this blog to a very small audience. 18 followers as of this writing. I deleted all my tweets recently due to privacy concerns. I jumped back only for this blog. I installed the app and I started following people. I would say these are some Twitter intellectuals. One of them has a blog that got me inspired to start my own. I started down a dark path of comparison. Wrong. I violated the goal of being myself.

I wanted to write some tweets, but I am on the very edge of do I want to go down the path of constantly tweeting every thought I have and get sucked into the Twittersphere? I do not. I have other things I value. In the meantime, I will just use Twitter to see if I can snag a PS5. Probably to my wife’s chagrin.

#2: Maybe I won’t buy a PS5. So many games on it are going to be cross-platform, that I could live without the exclusives. I think maybe Spider-Man might be the only one that I’m honestly not even sure I will play. I have become way more picky about playing certain games.

#3: My post velocity has dipped after the first two days which is no surprise. I was out of town last weekend. Guess that’s all the excuses I had. I think these Tweets Collected posts will be great as I can spitball all of my good and bad ideas out there and maybe it will mean something to someone. I do want this to be a little neater than my journals I write in Notion. I think it makes sense to continue doing both.

#4: I have been thinking of better ways to catalogue my ideas. @WestleyDang has on his blog linking to Roam and Obsidian. I am considering Obsidian given it’s free and I’m not sure I want to pay into a $15/mo tool. I am already trying to cut back on monthly subs and D+/Hulu has bit the dust so far.

#5: Monthly/yearly subscriptions are encroaching like crazy. I have to constantly reassess whether it makes sense to maintain a sub to something as I only have so much time in a day/month/year to actually use all the things I want. It also helps we can share some services with multiple people like Spotify/Nintendo Switch Online/Netflix.

#6: Despite low posting frequency, I do have multiple posts going on in the background! The writing is being done, but not published.

#7: Do these Tweets collected need dates? Is that important information or is it just another artifact of my need to digitally horde information? Is this need to date related to how when we were kids we were expected to date all the papers we wrote on the header next to our name?

#8: Is every thought we have valuable? Does each one make us better? Even if some of them are absolute shite?